Monday, November 28, 2011

routine roll #2

Still no working camera so here's en vrac what my phone caught since the last routine roll : attempting some nail art with my favourite fall colour combination, never getting tired of Irish dramatic skies, spending too much time at work, Dublin fashion week, Peter Doherty at the Academy, cycling in Sandymount, sneaking out of work because of the glorious weather, going to Fota and walking among free animals, and then off to Cobh (which could well be my favourite Irish city so far), rabbit-sitting in an awesome house, too many Eddie Rockets, lucky finds at the book stall in Blackrock market, going back to the Academy to see Patrick Wolf, a visit from Lisa Hannigan (one of the best things to come out of Ireland), more failed nail art, going to the Japanese Film Festival (more on that later), suffering from vertigo looking at Tori Amos from our seats and new favourite rings from Topshop.

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