Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY: lyrics party banner

I've always liked the lyric banners that have been floating around on pinterest and tumblr, particularly the Love Will Tear Us Apart banner (UO) and the Wild Heart one featured in the Rookie road trip (you can buy the latter here). It's been on my to-do list to make one of my own, and what better occasion than a friend's birthday to get my DIY hat on?
First I had to choose the lyrics that would mean something to her and went with Donald Where's Your Trooserswhich is one of her favourite song (listen to it, it's very funny). I picked the first sentence of the chorus 'Let the wind blow high'.

I used the Wild Heart banner as my main inspiration, as I love the glitter and the fringe background. I had no idea where to find, or how to make a fabric one, so I looked around for a tinsel curtain as the shops are full to the brim with Christmas decoration at the moment. I found a brilliant one made of holographic stars in a poundshop.

So let's get cracking (it's quite an instinctive DIY, so I'm not sure how helpful this actually is, but here you go anyway).
Here's what you need:

- sheets of glittered cardboard (you can find them in craft shops, but you could use plain cardboard and glue glitter on it)
- a reel of rope or catgut
- a fringe of tinsel - optional (if you can't find any, I think that a tasseled crepe paper garland could totally work as well and would be easy to make)
- scissors
- stapler
- ruler
- pen

Once the lyrics have been chosen, you can start cutting the letters in the cardboard, use a ruler to cut them straight and the same size.

When all your letters have been cut out, it's time to make holes at the top of them (I used a little nail to do so), pierce two holes at the top of each letter as far as from each other as you can so the letter is stable on the rope (or the nylon thread) when mounted.

After all your letters have been placed on the rope, staple the end of each side of the rope to both ends of your fringe edge. Trim the length of the tassels if need be and... voilà!


little henry lee said...

this is a great idea! i've never even seen them online before but it looks lovely! it's the kind of thing i'd want hanging up all the time, not just for a party.


moira said...

it's a bit of a multitasking present isn't it? what lyrics would you pick? x

Kailey said...

Ooh I love this! The sparkly stars are so pretty ^^

moira said...

oh yes! was so happy to find them in the pound shop <3

Aleksandra Bogusławska said...

So pretty, I think I'll do this after Christmas :)
You've got an amazing blog btw!

Une Dandizette

moira said...

oh if you do, please send a picture my way! thanks for your kind words x

Imaginary Confetti Club said...

This is so cool! I am sharing this tomorrow in my DIY Ideas post :D

moira said...

that's mighty nice of you, thank you! i'll be sure to check that, love to get new ideas for diys x

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