Saturday, December 22, 2012

video: dublin lights

I've been toying with the idea of making videos for this blog for a while now. I actually bought my camera (Canon 550D, if you're wondering) with the thought in mind that one day I might make a step towards my dream job: documentary making. Being a bit of a lazy coward, things don't seem to be moving in that direction right now, but I still itch to do something as I feel like the skills (filming and editing) that I acquired during my student days are quickly evaporating.
This video below just shows how rusty I've become and this realisation makes me very sad. I can't count how many times I face-palmed at myself and the stupid mistakes I made while shooting, during the editing process.

I had to use what I had on hand on my computer which was Windows Live Movie Maker and it made the process even more painful. If anyone knows about a better software that I could download for free online, please, please let me know, I'll be forever grateful.
I think I need some sort of handle for my camera as well so it's less wobbly. I hope that I won't make you seasick and that you'll nonetheless enjoy Dublin in its christmassy splendour.


NJ said...

lovely song. oddly how that mannequin on the swing looks eerily realistic! enjoyed the video. you should make it more often.
i've no idea about movie making software, but trying searching on cnet and see if there'll be anything that suits.

moira said...

I will at least i'll try, it is my 2013 resolution for the blog :) Thanks for the tip off, i'll have a look now! Happy holidays x

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