Monday, November 12, 2012

obsessed with: lady mary's jewellery

Is it just me or didn't yesterday feel kind of empty without Downton Abbey? I had gotten used to my little 9pm rendez-vous. I definitely felt the withdrawal effect and decided to watch one of my favourite episodes again: the Christmas Special (Season 2). I needed to feel comforted after the rollercoaster of a season that was Series 3. There was another reason to my watching this episode. I remembered being taken by the necklaces adorned by Lady Mary. She usually wears the mandatory long pearl necklaces and chockers characteristic of the era, but in this episode she opted for two pieces with Art Deco accents.
They inspired me to have a gander around Etsy and pick necklaces with a modern take on this style. 


Mary Lee said...

oh wow these are really unique pieces! i really want to start watching downton abbey, everyone says it's amazing

hope you'll visit back!

moira said...

i highly recommend you do! x

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