Monday, July 9, 2012

routine roll #3

Here's another installment of the routine roll. I've gotten better with taking my camera with me lately so less pictures ended up on my phone but here's what happened since I came back from Singapore.
i've seen these fellows quite a bit recently/mario-inspired manicure /100% japanese: totoro nails+1Q84
looming clouds in the south of ireland /started stitching again (this roof is taking aaages) /reading in the park
killiney beach /stone art on my louise brooks biography /sunny day in dalkey part 1

sunny day in dalkey part 2/muddy festival/new order on stage
1st french manicure (i might change my mind about them...)/window ledge gardening /rose shaped spinach in my quiche
snapple wisdom/candy-floss looking plant/weird frozen trees in my freezer box (they remind me of the tree-boat in the science of sleep)


ina said...

cute totoro nails! really liked them

moira said...

thank you! i followed this tutorial if you're interested:

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