Monday, July 2, 2012


I created an account on pinterest on a bit of a whim a while ago, you know, one of those boring wednesday afternoons at work. I thought I would forget about it as soon as the week-end rolled in, thinking that I was perfectly happy with tumblr anyway. It took some time but I finally got hooked and while it hasn't replaced tumblr, they complement each other in their use for me. Thanks to pinterest, I can sort out the mess of my tumblr 'likes' and create moodboards straight away. Which is why I liked/marked them in the first place, in case I ever want to get creative... to be honest, it wasn't going to happen as I am a lazy arse but Pinterest was the easy push i needed!
Here's a selection of some of my boards: 'summer', 'vanity+candles' and 'love' are pretty self-explanatory and 'on their way' is about this reflexive state you are in when travelling.
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on their way

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