Wednesday, July 4, 2012

killruddery gardens

Last Friday, we decided to take advantage of the shy Irish sun and went to the Killruddery Gardens. It is a bit outside Dublin, you'd have to take the train to Bray and there at the foot of the Wicklow mountains is the Kilruddery estate. It's belonged to the Earls of Meath for nearly 400 years. It turns out that it is the oldest garden in Ireland and the fact it survived so long is quite a miracle.
We just wandered around the beautiful scenery as the weather was too glorious to be shut inside but I really hope to make another excursion there to visit the house.
I discovered when I came home that this place has been one of the locations where The Tudors were filmed. I really really really should start watching that show.


010 said...

such a unique and beautiful garden

moira said...

yes, perfect setting for an afternoon stroll :)
thanks for your visit x

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