Monday, April 23, 2012

The Singapore Journals part 2 - Malaysia

For our first weekend, we decided to go on a little trip and visit one of Singapore's neighbour: Malaysia. We made our way to Krangi Station through heavy curtains of rain. We got on a bus that took us across the border. Our first Malaysian stop was in Johor Bahru. The change of scenery was drastic. Malaysia is more rural, dirtier and cheaper than Singapore, which is actually a breath of fresh air from the clinical Singaporean cleanliness (did you know that chewing-gum was banned as part of their anti-littering plan?). We had a quick meal consisting of a local delicacy named 'Prata' (a flat bread with a serving of spicy sauces) before embarking on a coach towards our final destination: Melaka. Melaka is a major tourist spot as well as an impressive bouillon de culture. A Portuguese settlement, a Dutch church, numerous mosques and temples are the immediate signs of its incredible cultural variety.
As for the climate, it's actually less humid than Singapore but it feels hotter as the sun shines with all its might without any clouds on the horizon in the morning. It's a whole different story in the afternoon as the skies open to let torrential rains pour down (not unlike in Singapore). 
I will leave you with a few pictures showing the sky's mood swings as well as some taken while we were strolling on Melaka's streets, mainly in Chinatown and the Christ church area where the continuous parade of rickshaws never failed to draw a smile from us. They do like to pimp their ride with flowers and fairy lights while cheesy pop songs are blasting from their portable stereos.

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