Tuesday, April 24, 2012

desmond's drawings

Like everyone and their canary, I am totally obsessed with the brand Dyptique. So far, I resisted the urge to buy one of their iconic candles as I am still slightly uncomfortable with the idea of splurging 60 quid or so for a bloody candle. I might reconsider that when the time comes to treat myself for another of those increasingly painful birthdays. Reveling in their beautiful designs is still free, thank God for that as I just spent a ridiculous amount of time screen-capping their website. I seriously can't get enough of Desmond Knox-Leet's (one of the founders of the brand) intricate drawing details.
When I was in London last month, I spent half an hour sniffing every candle and fragrance in their boutique at Liberty. They had little business cards with those botanical illustrations, I only picked up one in fear of looking greedy. I regret it deeply as it looks so beautiful on my wall. Sigh.

source: dyptique

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