Saturday, October 22, 2011

whip it

I know that age is only a number and all is in the head... that's what I keep telling myself and hear constantly around whenever I mention that 30 is around the corner. The reality is when I think about the big 3-o, my heart skips a beat and I start breaking a sweat. I can't help it.
I start thinking about what I have to do before reaching the next decade, all the things I stupidly consider a 'faux-pas' once you're a thirty-something.
For instance, I have what's nearly akin to a capillar 2-year strategy plan. I want to have them very long one last time before I hit thirty then I will dye them platinum blonde and then maybe do something a bit crazy. The reason is I never ever dyed my hair and I want to experiment before it's too late or inappropriate. Passing the 30 threshold, I will dye them back to my natural colour and cut them in a short bob. Too much time to think? I whole-heartedly agree!
The reason I'm talking about my brain-produced bullshit is because a couple of weeks ago, I watched Whip It with the ever so lovely Drew Barrymore. She's really quite the cool cat in it (and in real life for that matter) and she made me feel good about being nearly 30 for the first time. She has rainbow locks, wear mini skirts and is not afraid of throwing some punches if needed. She and her 30+ girlfriends spend their nights rollerskating in Austin (Texas), eating greasy foods and generally having a ball.
I don't really care about the rollerskating, the mini skirts or the rainbow brite hair (well yeah I do actually) but it just showed me that it's okay to act silly after 30. I do wonder though watching this film if getting older is easier when you have a sisterhood (something reminiscent of high school).
I think I'm going to start a collection of feel-good films/books about being 30 so I can have a marathon on my birth day, because whether I want it or not it's going to hit fucking hard and anything that can help is more than welcome.

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