Saturday, October 22, 2011

see you next year

This year, exceptionally, I followed the spring/summer fashion weeks a bit more closely than I usually do thanks to a very much appreciated 'internet freedom' at work.
The following is in no way an exhaustive summary of what happened in New York, London, Milan and Paris during the last month but simply what's left a mark on me. Let's file all this for next spring inspiration!

the videos

This video features the Wren S/S 2012 collection as well as Fallon jewellery line. It was shot by Gia Coppola and styled by Leith Clark.

Again an amazing collection by Orla Kiely. The video for the S/S2012 collection was directed by Mercedes Helnwein and styled by Leith Clark.

the accessories

scalloped Mulberry bag (source)

the sea-themed accessories at Chanel (source)

Philip Lim clutch (source)

the discovery

I had never ever heard of Honor before. I gasped (yes gasped... and in public at that) when I stumbled upon those dreamy dresses. Glamorous drool.
This is Giovanna Randall's inspiration for the s/s 2012 collection : “I had a picture of Catherine Deneuve on her wedding day where she wasn’t putting her hands down and she wore a short dress and you could see her underwear and I just thought it was so cool that she just was like, whatever, but I was initially inspired by jellyfish and I was like, ‘this is jelly fish!’”


Kirsten Dunst wearing Honor s/s2012 at the Melancholia premiere in London (source)

the textures

the eyelets at Louis Vuitton (source)

mermaid plastic at Chanel (source)

the incomprehension

Please don't throw stones at me but I don't understand the Prada s/s 2012 collection. I think it's the collection that got attendees the most excited. Maybe it was one of those 'you had to be there' instance? I don't know, I keep looking and re-looking at the pictures on but nothing happens. I don't like cars (let alone roadsters) and I'm horrified by the make-up. It reminds me being thirteen and discovering the kohl pencil in my mum's make-up bag.
So I'm putting this picture as a reminder for next spring for me to check the collection with a fresh mind, maybe by then something will trigger. I feel so left out.

the catwalk soundtrack/earworm #29

Who is Lana del Rey? That seems to be *the* question on everyone's e-lips. I try not to read too much about her (although my boyfriend who seems always intrigued by the 'marketing monster' enjoys filling me in on how fake she's supposed to be). I discovered her through phantom's blog during the summer and thought she sounded interesting but forgot almost instantly about her, drowned by the amount of Mb of information I process everyday. Until Christopher Kane featured her music in his show. I then read an article about her in the Guardian. A quite positive one. Few days later, another one is published and disses the artist altogether. In between, her youtube video counter registered another million views. There in front of my eyes (and million of others) is born one of those puzzling internet phenomena. Maybe it's a pure process of cognitive dissonance but I don't care about where she's from, if she's a marketing product or a shrewd opportunist, i genuinely like what I've heard so far and it sounds like nothing else I know (which I appreciate more and more in those recycling times).


I wanted to post a streetstyle picture because they are often as inspiring as the catwalk but I can't remember any that really struck me. So I'm going to cheat a bit and post a picture of a blogger who attended the NYFW : calivintage. Next spring will see me wearing a transparent raincoat, mark my word.

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