Monday, August 22, 2011

magic jewellery

Is it me or 2011 is the year of the bad news? We have so many now that my boyfriend came up with the shocking news game. Basically it starts with "hey guess what?" then I'm supposed to feign surprise and say "what?", he would then deliver his piece of shocking info and I would chime in. The goal is to last as long as we can... Okay no need to say this is pretty stupid but it's our way to cope with things.
There have been some international shocking news like the Japanese tsunami or Amy Winehouse's death or more recently the London riots and some personal ones which i'm not going to elaborate here.
Maybe it's linked with this strange climate where the stars don't seem to align that well but I've been feeling lately like wearing lucky charms. You know the sort of jewelery you can usually find in esoteric shops : ankhs, evil eyes, moonstones, etc...
I brought back from home stuff I was wearing in the nineties : a hologram evil eye pendant, a big jade silver ring and a Turkish blue eye given to me by a lady sitting next to me in a plane taking off from Istanbul (guess it was written all over my face how anxious I am about flying). I couldn't find my collection of rings which pissed me off (guess I will find them next time I'll look for something else as it seems to be the rule).
I go through these phases where I hardly wear any jewelery, the last 3 years had been the case, except for a 'wedding ring' I found in a Halloween brack, I haven't worn anything (maybe the odd long necklace...) and now I want to be covered into a subtle mix of minimalist and magic jewellery.
This is what it would look like if I could play pick'n'mix in etsy :

short small necklaces

all those tiny pendants come from the Etsy shop TM Jewelry and Supplies (and they're only about 2$ each!)

Long necklaces

crescent moon from laurelhill - quartz from alisaw - triangle from seaworthysend - evil eye from diamondmeadowsdesign


ankh ring from RioFire - eye ring from jessitaylor - stacking rings from littlebugjewelry - peace sign ring from michellechangjewelry


Ellen Burney said...

good idea - I have a multi-eyed bracelet that's not too easy on the eye (!) but I am going to pop him on now.

moira said...

ah! i think i have a similar one, not that easy indeed (never dared wearing it) maybe juxtaposed with several fine bracelets, it would look nice (like this : ... reminds me of this post by 'capture the castle' :
hope it will bring you luck anyway!
ps : im so glad youre re-blogging :)

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