Sunday, May 22, 2011

spring 2011 : inspirations (part 3)

Casual outfit
Even if I aim to be more 'put together' this spring/Irish summer than ever, I know myself and will probably end up looking casual (not to say messy) more often than I intend to. Could I go as far as wearing my pyjamas on the street? This looks more and more possible. After Susie Lau got me into PJ bottoms, Alexa Chung brought a new light to silky shiny nightwear-like shirts for me.
First time, I spotted her wearing one of those, I couldn't help doing a distorted face behind the comfortable secrecy of my computer screen, repressing a disapproving sniff.
It surprises me every time how, whenever I find something outrageously ugly, it generally grows on me in the next few weeks.
This was no exception to the rule.
I especially like her combination of denim and silk, it creates such an interesting texture mix.

source : all found on the fashionspot forum (Getty Images,, Flickr)

I am loving this look : denim pinafore and cream silk floaty shirt and nude ballet flats. I will shamefully try to reproduce it.

source : found on the fashionspot forum (Zimbio)

I found similar shirts on the gap online shop. I took the one in milk white + the one in stone lilac because this colour has been on my mind since this Lula cover and I haven't had the opportunity to try it out.

source : gap online shop

Well spring 2011 casual look is almost sorted : top check! bottom check! shoes check! Let's talk about bags then.
Last month I bought this bag from Marks & Spencer (is it age showing its signs that I am more and more drawn to good old M&S).

This purchase was inspired by the lovely Rhiannon from Liebemarlene who triggered a new-found obsession for woven straw bags in me (look at this one!)

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