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spring 2011 : inspirations (part 2)

I feel like adding some inspirations for my spring 2011 (you can read the part 1 here) as I'm not sure I'll have any for the summer (hot weather in Ireland is pretty much non existent)... So here they are :

Cocktail pyjamas
I actually thought that they would only pop up on this blog for the coming Autumn. I was totally smitten when I saw Style Bubble wearing 40's cocktail pyjamas in this video last winter. Floaty silky printed trousers got on my radar nearly right away. I actually saw 2 girls on Dublin streets sporting such an attire. One was wearing polka dot silk trousers with a fake fur jacket and the other one was pairing them with an over sized camel caban (I wish I was as talented as Nancy and able to draw them). They looked super dashing. Having seen the pyjamas only with winter jackets, I then proceeded to store those in my head for the next cold season.
But then said trousers popped up in pretty much every high street shop and I had to grab one. I wanted it to be high waisted but unfortunately I didn't think it fitted me that well. Mine is pretty low waisted, black and with tiny white polka dots. I wear it with a sheer buttoned up shirt and Swedish Hasbeens.

style bubble and her 40s cocktail pyjamas
source : stylebubble

Miu Miu Resort 2011 - was it that collection that made printed trousers grow like mushrooms on high streets?
source :

this is so perfect
source : stylesightings
I know I already mentioned this colour in the part 1 but that was the combination of orange + neutral (gray, navy, nude) and the combination of orange + pink. Well here's another combination I have on the brain : orange + orange! yes I want to wear all kind of orange all at once, from head to toe : pastel orange, mandarin, coral, pink orange, peach, rust, tangy red, blood orange. Something that would look like a Floridian sunset... or the sum of the below photographs.

Cacharel sunnies
source : refinery29

streetfashion london womenswear fw2011
source : teampeterstigter
Tsumori Chisato aw11

fleet ilya satchel in coral
source : opening ceremony

source : yourheartfeels tumblr

by Im only sleeping

by Louise Dahl-Wolfe (Vogue, 1963)
source : we heart vintage

Literary inspiration
There something about the way Haruki Murakami describes women and how they dress that resonates in me this spring. They sound so neat and put together. I want to aspire to that (stress on the word aspire as I'm definitely to messy to get there). Although they sound more calvin-klein-white kind of neat, I want to attempt this kind of transcending harmony but more in a colourful sixties style. If it makes any sense...
Here are some extracts which I hope will convey this serene balance I'm looking for. I chose some from the last Murakami I read - South of the Border, West of the Sun - and in the short story Tony Takitani, probably the most focused on a woman and her clothes. Although I think in most of his books there's always a passage where he takes time to describe women's clothes.
The next thing that caught his attention was her clothes. He generally took no particular interest in what people wore, but there was something so wonderful about the way this girl dressed that it made a deep impression on him; indeed, one could even say it moved him. There were plenty of women around who dressed elegantly, and plenty more who dressed to impress, but this girl was different. Utterly different. She wore her clothes with such naturalness and grace that she could have been a bird that had enveloped itself in a special wind as it prepared to fly off to another world. He had never seen a woman wear her clothes with such apparent joy. And the clothes themselves looked as if, in being draped on her body, they had won new life for themselves.
(Tony Takitani in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki MURAKAMI, Vintage 2006, p. 234)
Shimamoto had on a blue sweater with a round neck. She owned a fair number of blue sweaters; blue must have been her favorite color. Or maybe she wore those sweaters because they went well with the navyblue coat she always wore to school. The white collar of her blouse peeked out at her throat A checked skirt and white cotton socks completed her outfit Her soft, tight sweater revealed the slight swell of her chest. She sat on the sofa with both legs folded underneath her. One elbow resting on the back of the sofa, she stared at some far-off, imaginary scene as she listened to the music.
She wore just a touch of makeup, and a pricey-looking outfit-a blue silk dress, with a light-beige cashmere cardigan. A cardigan as delicate-looking as an onion skin. And on the counter she'd placed a handbag that matched her dress perfectly. I couldn't guess her age. Just the right age, was all I could say. Her beauty took your breath away, but I didn't figure her for a movie star or a model.
And at nine thirty, Shimamoto showed up. Strangely enough, she always appeared on quiet, rainy evenings. She wore a white dress and an oversize navy-blue jacket A small fish-shaped silver brooch graced the collar of her jacket The dress was simple in design, with no decorations of any kind, yet on her, you'd swear it was the world's most expensive dress.
(South of the Border, West of The Sun - Haruki MURAKAMI, Vintage 2003)

I already mentioned mary-janes and kitten heels previously. This is in the same vein really but I saw two women in Glasgow wearing what looked like patent Ferragamo's court shoes with a square mid heel and a bow (in blue-ish grey). It looked so delicate and feminine. I think I will put those on my surreal wishlist as well.
The closest (and cheap alternative) I could find while browsing high street shops' websites are those ones (in black and nude) from Next. I'm quite into that nude shoes trend but I already have pointy kitten heels in beige... Mmh decisions decisions.

On another note, while searching on Etsy for Ferragamo's court shoes, I found by accident those sandals. They're killing me with their perfect simplicity (pity they can only be shipped inside US).

nude court shoes from Next

yellow Ferragamo's from Etsy shop zaasvintageboots

red Ferragamo's from Etsy shop VintageDarling
80's Ferragamo's from Etsy shop purevintageclothing

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