Saturday, January 29, 2011

aquatic life

I'm kinda excited because this weekend we're going to take my boyfriend's nephew to the Bray Aquarium. He loves coming to our place because he can have huge video games marathons. My boyfriend is a bit of the cool kind of uncle who plays with him all day in their PJs, stuffing themselves with junk food and staying up reaaaally late. As for me, I'm the horrible auntie. The kind who says : "mmh did you brush your teeth?" "Take off your shoes!" "Eat those vegetables!"... One of my other witchy-aunt mottos is : "mmh let's go outside?" Which is generally met by grumbles by the child who plainly ignores me by looking intently at the telly screen watching a repeat of the Simpsons for the 100th time. Okay I'm a bit unfair, he does love going outside but you have to come up with a solid suggestion to interest him in leaving the console for a while.
I'm not sure he'll be excited as I am by the Aquarium but hey he doesn't have a choice under my roof *evil laugh*.
I was thinking to do a post tomorrow with pictures but I have a feeling they won't be worth it (not much light in those place, is there?) so here's a few of my favourites fish-related pictures.

found on weheartit

source : faggotry session

source : Valentin Chenaille
source : bestrawberry

source : Audrey Malo

source : the snail and the cyclops

source : tintadachina

source : Histoire naturelle des dorades de la Chine

Oh and also I have been meaning to post about one of my finds at the book stall of Blackrock flea market. It's one of those sweet little Penguin books : Seashore Life And Pattern by T.A. Stephenson (1944). This post is as good reason as any to reveal it I suppose so here you go if you'll excuse the poor quality of the pictures and the collage:

And speaking of fish and stuff, if you haven't already, you should watch Doctor Who episode A Christmas Carol because it's quite cool (and Matt Smith is not an unpleasant sight).

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