Sunday, January 30, 2011

aquatic life pt. 2

well here i am back from my aquatic adventure. It was a bit of an anticlimax as the sealife venue is on the small side and full of screaming Irish brats but we really had a good day nonetheless. I snapped a few pictures but there was virtually no light as expected... and well... to put it simply had the light been exceptional, I probably wouldn't have done better. Anyways, I got a bit crazy on the seahorses, they're such cuties.

"upside down jellyfish"

guess what was its name?

isn't this sequinned fish the campest thing?!

After the aquarium tour, we walked to the end of the strand to play some bingo and eat greasy food. And then, not very wisely, I decided to have a pistacchio ice-cream on our way back to the dart station. Apart from being obviously frozen to death, I must say, it was quite enjoyable not to make a complete pig of myself for once and keeping the ice-cream on the cone as opposed to on my clothes. Fascinating stuff.

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