Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tea Time and Jewellery

While wandering around on Etsy (the website "to buy and sell everything hand-made"), I stumbled upon the most delicious-looking and enchanting pieces of jewellery.
They are inspired by everything you could find on the most respectable Victorian tables during tea time. No need to say it was their Carrollian touch that instantly took my fancy.
Their names alone would make your mouth water : Mini Pink Strawberry Cake Ring, Have Some Tea Ring, Yummy Shortcake Ring, Chocolate Truffle Candy Ring, etc...
You might have understood it, the designer Kacchan works exclusively on rings when it comes to jewellery. Multi-talented though, she also runs a hand-made soap business. But enough with the talking (or the writing in this case), let me show you some of her little marvels :

And I know what you are thinking : "oh yeah it's nice blah blah blah but blah designer blah blah expensive blah blah blah"... well let me stop you here while you're tormenting yourself, it is actually very cheap. All those rings can be bought for less than 20$ (13€) and they're made with noble material. Please note that Paypal is the only form of payment available but she ships anywhere in the world. More here.

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