Monday, November 26, 2012

earworm #50: astrud gilberto - manha de carnaval

Manha De Carnaval by Luiz Bonfa, Vocals - Astrud Gilberto on Grooveshark

Every year when come the colder months, I feel the need to watch Vénus Beauté. It is one of my favourite films, hands down. It wasn't love at first sight though. I watched it a couple of times with friends when I was a teenager, oddly unimpressed, but then one night, it was broadcast on real late TV, and I felt like it was speaking to me. I identified with Angèle (played by the beautiful Nathalie Baye) and her disillusion towards love. I am not as bitter today, but I still like happy endings, especially around Christmas time... And the photography is pure magic, I rarely even notice those things while watching films, but the use of light here has stuck to my retinas ever since, as if I had looked straight at the sun. Oddly enough, the beautiful bossa nova soundtrack works perfectly with the stark Paris winter light.

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