Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Singapore Journals part 3 - Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street

Wherever I go, if there's a Chinatown, you can bet your pennies that it will be the first place I visit. I wonder why. Maybe I should go to China and find the answer. Do they have Chinatowns in China? Anyways, it was lovely walking around surrounded by souvenir shops and red lanterns. We stopped at a restaurant driven by the prospect of tasting the much talked about 'dimsums'. We obviously picked the only restaurant that didnt serve any. Chewing sulkily on very mediocre noodles ensued. Replete, it was time for more adventures and we timidly entered  a Buddhist temple, attracted by the chants of the monks. It was eerie and beautiful, we probably stared longer than propriety would allow.
Afterwards, we made our way to another colourful neighbourhood: Little India and Arab Street. We walked and walked until my feet decided that they couldn't take it anymore. We hopped on the underground  until we were fed up with it and took a cab half-way. Singapore is incredibly modern and sleek and so are the public transports but try to fit 5 million people into one corner of an island and you'll get a perpetual rush hour that is hard to handle with if you care about your vital space.

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