Saturday, November 26, 2011


I got really excited when I read this article on the Vogue UK website announcing the launch of Topshop nail art pens. I've always wanted to try those and go tacky crazy on the canvas of my already destroyed nails but never resorted to buying them online as it was the only way before (known to me). But on the 29th of November, you'll be able to buy said pens in Topshop. There are 5 colours available: black, white, silver, pink and blue at 6.50£ each.
I am looking forward to trying to reproduce Sophy Robson's design for Topshop SS2012 catwalk or in the same vein, Alexa Chung's Halloween nails. But if I lack imagination, I will certainly turn to this Korean blog I've recently found : luuthienluv. And here's her tumblr, I found the navigation easier there as I can't read Korean.
She has the cutest designs and you can learn some great tricks (like using a sponge to do a subtle colour gradation).
Here's a selection of my favourite nail art (click the pictures to get to her tumblr).

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