Saturday, October 8, 2011

time may change me but I can't trace time

This blog is a few months away from celebrating its four years anniversary and I feel like changes are needed. Nothing drastic though I just need it to reflect my current interests a bit more. I never really cared where my blog was hosted as long as I had a space to write whatever I wanted whenever I had the need (which didnt happen as often as I'd like but hey). I don't really see myself as a person who could spend time figuring html and all that geekery because at the end of the day, I don't really mind what this blog looks like (and I always had so far something better to do like watching the eastenders omnibus or playing plants vs. zombies). However, for the first time, I started to feel that this blog could "limit" me in the way I wish to evolve. I mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking about investing into a 'proper' camera. I made up my mind and decided I am going to go for it. And I feel like this space should host my (cringe-worthy) experimentations. I'd like it to be 'cleaner' and give it a bit more room to the pictures. I'll have to tweak and curse at my laptop for a while but hopefully we'll get there for my blog's birthday in February (is that a realistic deadline?). Lately, I have been inspired by so many good photography blogs and actually I think my favourite ones use film cameras and I'm always amazed by their effect (their milky quality as Annabela brilliantly calls it). My local charity shop has some old cameras in its window at the moment, I'm so tempted to snatch one of them.
Before this blog can feature my clumsy snaps, I'd like to share those blogs that I have been admiring as of late.

Bisous Mon Amour

the make believe sea


human sea

ps : I updated my favourite blogs list: some added, some gone and some truly missed.

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