Thursday, March 3, 2011

earworm #9 : Patrick Wolf - House

It looks like from this blog that all I listen to is Patrick Wolf (although I am actively trying to get into the new Radiohead). It's not far from the truth, I'm sadly out of the loop, I don't recognize most bands on charts. One year with no internet did that to me and I never got the courage to get back into 'music' shape. Laziness is probably one reason, the other is I'm not touched by music as intensely as I used to. It really breaks my heart to have lost it. When I realised it I thought maybe I definitely lost touch with my teenager self. Music does not transport me anywhere anymore, does not inject me with thick emotions or waltzing images. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have been living for the present, not looking to the past nor the future. I think music is the best companion when you're in the contemplative state. Not so much for the action. I wonder if it will ever come back. The only artist who has been able recently to give my heart a twinge is dear Patrick. I read somewhere that his next single will be House (date of release : 23 may) so I had to track down some live performance of it. I never expect anything from live youtube recording but good God, the voice harmonies, the violins and the ducks' quacks swelled my cold adult heart.

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