Sunday, October 24, 2010

animals in my wardrobe

© styleeast

This picture from styleeast made me realise that among my useless collection of virtual pictures, 'animal bags' seem to be somewhat recurrent. I don't owe one (yet), the closest I have is a zebra pattern one but the idea of having a little animal near my hips just makes me smile. Isn't it like the fashion equivalent of horse broomsticks? Okay some stretch but I don't know, it tickles my heart the same way as when I was 7 0r 8 and was dragging my teddy bear with a home-made leash, pretending it was a real puppy... mmh animal bags could well be the remedy for animal lovers living in tiny flats... well that's gonna be my medical excuse anyway for this very soon purchase.

© clever nettle

Apart from having a lovely Italian owl bag, clothes horse wrote about this amazing etsy boutiqe TsuruBride, specialised in the making of metallic clutch bags in the shape of animals. There's even a platypus... how ultimately cool is that?!

And one could not talk about fashion without the mandatory mention to Alexa Chung... "Animal bags... been there, done that"

Alexa Chung carrying a Lulu Guinness cat bag

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