Saturday, September 25, 2010


Pardon my french but sometimes I wish I could understand the laws of attraction... Well mine at least. How delighted I was when I saw all the a/w collections mirroring that midi-length I have been fond of for the last months. The New Look re-invented by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton enchanted me like everyone else and Jacobs' own collection made me gasp with envy. Until that outfit came up...
My first thought was : "Well... it proves the man is human, you can't work on so many projects creating solely perfect outfits... Only a tired mind could produce this potato-bag look"...
Well... Guess what got stuck in my head? ... Yes... That specific outfit has become my new season Grail. I fail to understand, why have I been so resistant to the summer maxi-dress trend and now I am smitten with the winter version of it? There's no logic to it.
After the first reaction of rejection, this outfit started haunting me when I read an article by Sara Buys on British country-chic. The potato-bag and nineties nostalgia hit me in the face at the reading of this particular quote :
" [...] One night, after dinner, we went out for a walk along the loch near the house, and I [Sarah Buys] couldn't take my eyes off her [Stella Tenant]. Quite aside from her exquisite face and willowy, elegant form, I was totally mesmerised by her outfit, which was in equal parts tramp and goddess. She was wearing a long (long!) vintage 1930s dress that trailed through the mud to reveal gumboots and a dog-eared navy-blue jumper, tied loosely around her waist.
Thrown over the top (in what must-have been a last minute, nearest-coat-to-the-door afterthought) was her boyfriend's Le Chameau heavy-duty shooting jacket. Strangely, it was that final, odd flourish that really made the outfit. [...]"
(HARPER'S BAZAAR UK/Oct. 2010, Country Fashion File, Sarah BUYS, pp. 119-120).
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