Thursday, August 12, 2010

Print this

Now that I have more than four walls in my flat, I am itching to buy all those heavenly prints that I have been religiously bookmarking. There was a time when my life only consisted of apricot juice-drinking and deviantART-browsing... Literally.
I haven't had the courage (yet) to go through all of them but, from the top of my head, there are four that are on my absolute priority list.

Fine Little Day
I can't get over how this wall is perfection! If you ever see my collection of thrifted frames, you will notice that I have a fascination for framed embroidery. I think it comes from this stamp (like everyone really I had the stamp-collector phase when I was a kiddo) that looked exactly like a carpet. I remember spending hours and hours just looking at it from every angle possible, hoping that it will turn into a real furry carpet. Imagining things are often better than the real deal, aren't they? Well, this print reminds me being a child obsessing over the carpet-stamp.
It is called "Rebuild Square" and is designed by Swedish (so inspiring) artist, Elisabeth Dunker. Please pay a visit to her online shop, Fine Little Day, where you can find the print above among other lovely things. She has also a blog where she's recently published pictures of her dream-house in Sweden. Worth a look, I tell ya!

Face toward the sea, with spring blossoming.
If the print above is ringing a bell, it is because I already wrote about this incredible lady (providing someone actually reads my ramblings). Since this post, Nancy has changed her blog name (The Sea of Fertility) and she opened an etsy shop. O joy!
I hope that she plans to sell prints of individual outfits.

Caitlin Shearer
I don't think that there's a need to introduce Caitlin Shearer. Her art is often featured here and there on the most popular blogs. She even designed wonderful banners for Niotillfem and Fieldguided.
And it's through my intense blog-reading (which replaced deviantART - I had to make a choice, there's only so many hours in a day), that I re-discovered this Australian wonder. I first encountered her work about 3 or 4 years ago when I stumbled upon her rendition of Patrick Wolf who looked like a Bavarian kid with bleeding knees (her trademark back then). Needless to say that patrick wolf + childlike creepiness = inner fireworks.
Since then, Caitlin has grown up and her drawings have evolved with her and the creepy kids turned into curvy women with a love for Vintage looking clothes.
If you want to grab one of her fabulous prints, it is your lucky day because she's recently opened her new etsy shop : go go go.

A true genius who is behind the etsy shop Roadside. Her name is Jayme McGowan. She could be the fiancee of Edward Scissorhands. She cuts about everything and gives a second life to paper. She writes a blog on her work, documenting the various steps of her creations, the details are just mind-blowing. It just looks magic.

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