Thursday, May 27, 2010


Words fail me when I want to express how happy I am whenever I see a new post of Nancy in my bloglovin list.
First time I laid my eyes on her blog, simply called It is Nancy's new blog, my heart literally melted. This young woman is breathtakingly talented when it comes to put together an outfit and as if it wasn't enough she draws what she wears in the most delightful way. I can literally spend hours scrolling and re-scrolling through her blog. Best. Blog. Forever.
I suspect she sprinkles magic star powder on her when she picks her clothes in the morning. She glows of taste, elegance and cuteness.
Here's a selection of the outfits and drawings of the most endearing little fairy you may ever encounter.

*The film 'The Lover' inspired her this outfit. It is now at the top of my 'To See' list. Doesn't it scream of romantic breezy summers? Exactly what you need after an endless winter.

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