Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Street Cheap Thrill

Since the beginning of this year, Zara collections make me smile.
It never really did anything for me before, it was just the place to get basics like black jumpers and black trousers. The kind of shop you go before an oral examination. Maybe I'm a bit hard but I never really gave it a chance although during my saturday shopping fever in my high school years, I would always stop by. Don't know why, force of habit I suppose.
Anyways, I must confess that I spent too many lunch breaks just wandering around Zara shelves smiling to myself since the start of this year (oh the sad picture).
I just love their feminine trousers and veily tops. Maybe I'm growing up (erg). And after their nude-y collections borrowing from Chloe and Celine, here's the spring and summer with loads of florals and nautical inspired clothes. I can't get tired of them (\trends whore inside). They even have some Miu Miu rip off pieces.
After so many inner dialogues with myself, I surrendered and bought a couple of pieces which actually ends up being a perfect spring outfit without me realising it.

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