Tuesday, March 11, 2014

saturday: spring, mendl's pastry boxes & black forest

lemon waterOn Saturday, I started the day by making a bottle of lemonwater for the week. I get a bit lazy with these things so making a bottle keeps me on track as I know that the benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, are numerous and valuable (excuse the mess by the way, I was in the middle of cleaning candle jars as I want to make some homemade spring scented candles). 

makeup du jourPictured: Zara White Jasmine Perfume - Wet'n'wild H20 Proof Eyeliner in Ultra Black - Topshop Neon Rose Blush - Essence Black is Back Nail Polish - Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat - Real Techniques Stippling Brush - Real Techniques Brow Brush - H&M Eyelash Curlers - Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze - Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Bright Blue - Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer 51 - L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof - Maybelline Colorsensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose

I then got ready to get out. Lately, I've been enjoying putting blue in my waterline, I think I've been inspired by my trip in Lisbon and all the blue tiles (azulejos) there, as before, electric blue didn't really appeal to me. I'm looking for a blue varnish (something like Nails Inc's Baker Street maybe) but I haven't found anything I liked so far on the highstreet. Do you have any recs?
spring is hereJust checking that Spring is here :)

smithfield market place Smithfield's Market Place under the glorious blue sky. It felt almost a shame to go to the cinema on such a beautiful day...

grand budapest hotel leafletsAlmost! As I couldn't have been more excited that day to watch the new Wes Anderson's release: The Grand Budapest Hotel! (it was sooo good).

light house grand budapest hotel party aftermathAfter the film, I had a mosey around the Light House Cinema to look at the aftermath of the previous night's party, themed after Wes Anderson's characters. There was a tent in the middle of the room just like in The Royal Tenenbaums and a wall full of drawings of Margot.

urbun cafe light house cinemaWe then made our way to the cinema's café as something quite magical was set up at the back of it. Two glass displays holding some real props from The Grand Budapest Hotel!

mendl's boxes grand budapest hotel book Turns out that the film's lead designer is Annie Atkins a Welsh graphic designer based in Dublin. She worked on the look of all the paper-related items in the film (passports, labels, letters, correspondence, etc..) and she kindly loaned all her copies to the cinema. It was a truly amazing experience to stand a few inches away from all the beautiful objects she created and that contributed to make Grand Budapest so special.
If you want to see more pictures of the exhibition, hop over to my travel blog, I dedicated a whole post to it.

daffodils in the window interesting sign on capel streetI then crossed back to the city centre to take the bus to Magda's. It was nice to see daffodils everywhere on my way and I also spotted that interesting sign on Capel Street. Might have bothered with the theory test if the signs were all looking as pretty.

magda's black forest cakeMagda greeted me with a scrumptious looking black forest. Food blogger friends are awesome, don't you think?
  filomutu I was experiencing major cat withdrawals after babysitting her cats for 3 weeks last month so it was nice to see their little whiskers again.
  cake timeWe sat down and chatted about finding your passion, boyfriends vs. tidiness & the Polish bra revolution.
  good nightIt was then time for me to go home and crash into bed in a cake-induced coma. Though not before quickly framing my new postcard!


Louise said...

Oh goodness, this is all Wes Anderson, food and dreamy pictures of things I want in my house. Can it get any better? I love the aftermath of the Wes Anderson party. Tomorrow the Grand Budapest will finally be available in the Netherlands, and I'm so excited!!

Foodblogger friends do seem pretty damn good to me. I'm craving cake, right now!!

Random question by the way, how do you like the Topshop blush? Would you recommend it??

moira said...

@Louise: they're really good, totally recommend them if you like the cream to powder formula. i especially like the fact that you don't need brushes to apply them so i always take that one when away from home.
Hope you enjoy the grand budapest! it's a good'un ;) did you manage to watch all the wes anderson films? x

Jane said...

Such pretty pictures, I love seeing all the little details you captured! I've not seen the new Wes Anderson film yet, the props look gorgeous though and it would have been awesome to see them in real life.

moira said...

@Jane: it was really thrilling seeing the props especially just after watching the film. Wes Anderson & Annie Atkins put so much thought into it, there are all those details that i didn't have the time noticing during the film- like on the Agatha's passport it is written 'birthmark on face shaped like Mexico' it made me love his work even more and now i'm wondering what i missed in his previous films.

Magda said...

Aww, everything on your blog looks better, even my dripping cake. Did you noticed I forgot to put chocolate? I must drifted in our bra conversation ;) And Mutu looks really handsome, he is becoming a superstar of your blog :)

Sarah said...

This post is so gorgeous! It sounds like a wonderful day and your photo memories are just beautiful. I can't get over that cake and am so excited to see Grand Budapest. Thanks for such a lovely update. <3 xoxo

moira said...

@Magda: no i didnt notice haha. were you supposed to sprinkle it with chocolate chips? mutu is such a poser but i think filo looks really regal ;)x

@Sarah: aw thank you Sarah! the cake was quite phenomenal and so was grand budapest, hope you'll enjoy watching it! x

Extra Solar said...

What a perfect Saturday! That cake looks toooo delicious!

moira said...

@Kelli: it tastes toooo delicious too ;) x

Emma said...

Lovely day! I'm so happy Spring has arrived! The sun is such a welcome sight. I loved the film too, although I haven't had the chance to see the films props in the Lighthouse. The cake looks amazing, makes me want to get out my mixing bowl and bake something! Hope you're keeping well Moira!

Emma x

moira said...

@Emma: i think this week-end would be the last chance for you to catch it as the exhibition closes on the 24th. Enjoy the spring sunshine while it lasts :) x

Barbara said...

I've heard good comments about it! maybe I should get it! thanks for sharing :)

Lucy said...

Such nice photos, I love having a little peek into your day! I'm going to watch that film this afternoon now, it has been on my list for a while and you've given me the push! I think the branding and everything for it is gorgeous! And I totally need to get a food blogger friend!! xoxo

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