Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lisbon Day #2: pastries in bed, pink fish & a platter of cheese

lisbon oceanarium 3 lisbon oceanarium 1 Day 2 started slow, with pastries in bed. Although, it was nice outside, it felt like an indoors kind of day to me, so we headed to the Lisbon Oceanarium, one of the biggest in Europe.
It is a bit out of the way but it was the perfect occasion to try out the metro, which I'm happy to report is really easy to use, as well as cheap!
A great array of species were represented, we spent hours inside... although I think it has more to do with the fact that I really enjoy taking pictures of wildlife in general, and especially sea creatures. The highlight for me were the playful otters, the puffins, the vibrant pink fish and the fascinating jellyfish.
lisbon oceanarium 5 lisbon oceanarium 2 lisbon oceanarium 9 lisbon oceanarium 4 lisbon oceanarium 6
After all this underwater exploring, we sure worked up an appetite so we set up on finding a place to eat. But first we sat down at the sea front as we couldn't pass up on the amazing view: the night falling on the giant suspended bridge where cars were twinkling brighter and brighter as the night was falling. 
My guidebook recommended a pizza place just a few steps from where we were sitting so we checked it out but it turned out to be closed...well the door was technically open and someone was sleeping under a table but we weren't sure what was going on there so we decided to head back to the city centre, more precisely in the Bairro Alto. We climbed up Montmartre-like stairs to access the Santa Catarina miradouro which is home to a concept restaurant I had read rave reviews about online.

The Pharmacia restaurant is part of the old pharmacy museum and in the spirit of the place, has a wonderful medical theme going on. Boxes of pills are stacked on the shelves, the water is served in brown medicine bottles, meals are layed on surgical dish and the bill comes in a prescription tub. So delightful! And to top it all, the food is actually delicious! We ordered way too much cheese, but hey, that's what holidays are for, right?!
pharmacia restaurant 1 pharmacia restaurant 2 We meant to end the night on the miradouro, sipping on something nice while looking at Lisbon by night but the cafe was closed and there was some tension on the esplanade as some people were fighting. So we just headed back to the hostel instead. It was just as well as the cheese was sending us into sleep mode and a full day of sightseeing was awaiting us in the morn.

You can read our first day in Lisbon here


Stephanie Louise said...

That is really an interesting restaurant and a very quirky theme! I really love the captures you got of the sea life, I've always admired it and am fascinated by what goes on under water.

Unknown said...

Thanks for another great post, I think we are decided on Lisbon for our Summer holiday and so it is really interesting to read all of your recommendations and tips! x

Vicky said...

wow! love aquariums. and that sandwich looks lovely.

Jane said...

I love aquariums, this one looks awesome - I don't think I've seen puffins in real life yet. And that restaurant sounds amazing, I'm loving that theme!

Rita Scamander said...

Oh I've been in my country :) you should visit Porto, it's one of the most cities in europe.

HighlandFling said...

I love an aquarium! It's my favourite thing to do. Fish are so beautiful!Jellyfish in particular are stunning! I hope you had a great day out- It certainly looks like you did!

Emma x

moira said...

@Stephanie Louise: me too, although i tend to freak out when i think about it while swimming in the sea :)x

@Dulcie Emerson: aah i envy you! need to plan another portuguese getaway! i'm glad the posts are useful to you, if you need more info, do check out my travel blog, i give more details(adresses, directions, etc) over there and i'm planning on releasing a lisbon guide in the coming months. Hope this will help! x

@Vicky: me too, one of the best ones I visited :) thanks for your comment x

@Jane: i think it was my 1st time seeing puffins actually... not sure my memories are blurry haha. Hope you're enjoying China x

@Rita: i'd love to go to Porto! actually would love to do some sort of road trip in portugal. I'll have to ask you for recommendations if it's on the cards! x

@HighandFling: hi aquarium lover! ;) i agree with you, aquariums make for a great outing, do you have a favourite one? x

KARLA said...

Looking, I feel like I was there under the water.

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