Wednesday, July 24, 2013

in London: our surroundings

hackney rooftop viewbalconySome people are living for the weekend, me, I sometimes feel like I'm living for the few days a year I spent in London. I always look forward to a city break there, planning and plotting and day-dreaming. It finally happened a couple of weeks ago!

We stayed in the East End with my friend's Mom who was the best host one could hope for. She just opened an Etsy shop, where she sells her patchwork creations. At the moment, she has beautiful pot holders and pin cushions, but she plans to put up some cushion covers in the near future. Her shop is called PatchworkThings, do check it out if you're looking for pretty presents for your friends or family or even for yourself (UK deliveries only).

As we were all broke, we mostly stuck to the area, but it was not a problem, there are so many things to do in East London. Although many hours were spent being indoors knocked down by the heat wave or recuperating from the previous night's activities and generally chilling; so not the most productive city-break, but here's what we got up to in between!

We stayed just next to London Fields which was just perfect as I've been dying to explore the neighbourhood. You may remember last year, I ended up just sitting in the park as I didn't have any precise directions for the places I actually wanted to check out there. It turns out it is much easier when you're hanging out with locals. I finally got to go to Broadway Market (which is just East of the park if you're wondering) and checked Susie Bubble's bookshop recommendations (Artwords Bookshop and Broadway Bookshop which were both amazing!).
london fieldsbroadway marketbroadway cafebroadway market flowerscoconuts broadway market There are many places in Hackney where it feels good walking around when the weather is glorious. 
We strolled along the Regent's canal which was so pleasant and when we got tired, we hopped over in Victoria Park and sat in the shade to take a breather.
Summers in London are magical, and just wandering on its streets looking for watermelons and figs felt pretty special already. 
regent's canalmushrooms installation regent's canalregent's canal boatvictoria park pagodavictoria park We visited some cool places, but I'll need to make a few more posts dedicated to them, so I hope y'all can bear with me. 


Jen said...

I love East London so much! It was my party spot for the five years I lived in London! Sunday mornings were always spent feeding hangovers whilst browsing the gorgeous flower market on Columbia Road. Look forward to more pics!

Anonymous said...

A day out to enjoy the beauty and escape, so perfect, love the photos. If only I could put myself into those photos and be there!

Oh my, I visited your Moms Etsy shop, her floral design ones are beautiful. Will definitely let my friends who love patchwork know about this site! The prices are unbeatable.

Jane said...

I love London, but I've only visited once and didn't spend much time on the East side! I'm going again this December, I wish I got to see London in the summer though. These pictures are gorgeous, can't wait to see the rest.

moira said...

@Jen: oh I meant to go to Columbia Road flower market but ended up in a terrible coma on sunday :D hopefully i'll make it next time I go to London x

@Stephanie Lula: thanks for telling your friends about my friend's mom shop!I agree with you, she priced everything so very generously x

@Jane: How exciting! The christmas period in london is fabulous, all the beautiful lights <3 how long will you be staying? x

Magda said...

I've just visited London last weekend. It's lovely city, but because I'm always so short I usually see touristy areas. It's good to be living in a city for a little without chasing the attractions. The area where you've been looks lovely and I love the market!

moira said...

@magda: did you enjoy your stay? I'm sure enjoying your posts! x

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