Friday, April 5, 2013

powerscourt, co. wicklow

It's not quite Spring here in Dublin but we've had a few sunny days this week. Freezing, but sunny none the less.
I needed no more excuse to fly out of the front door last Tuesday, my camera tucked in my handbag. I've been wanting to visit the Powerscourt Estate since going to Killruddery Gardens last Summer. There are some amazing historic buildings scattered around Dublin, I sometimes feel like I need to be reminded of all the wonderful places that happen to be within my reach.
Powerscourt estate goes all the way back to the 13th century, although what used to be a castle is only a 'house' now. It has beautiful Japanese and Italian gardens (inspired by Versailles), a lake, a little tower, a pet cemetery, a waterfall and walled gardens. The house shelters a toy museum and the Avoca mothership store (known for its handweaving and its country chic goodies). We didn't have time to visit the waterfall and the museum, so another visit is definitely on the agenda!
Perhaps Powerscourt is most famous today for having been the filming location for Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, which makes the place even more magical.


Jane said...

This place is so pretty! The surrounding landscape looks beautiful as well. I don't think we have that around here.

moira said...

but you have koalas!! xx

Charlie Bones said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, wow ! It's funny how we forget to really see what's around us, I always think about these faraway places I love to visit when really there are some wonderful things around where I live too !

Have a lovely day !
Charlie xx

Magda said...

Beautiful photos Moira :) Now I know what did you see before meeting with me

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos! I love visiting Powerscourt, the whole area is so scenic!

Nancy Wilde said...

So, I've just fallen in love with your blog and tumblr :) just followed!^^ I love the Photography, brilliant book reviews, I love the way you write and the blog layout itself!
I wish I could visit Ireland <3

Emma said...

I can't believe I've still never visited Powerscourt! Every Summer I swear I'm going to go so I really need to make it happen this Summer.I'm sure my Kubrick fan BF can be tempted too. The word Avoca is more than enough to tempt me! Your photos are stunning Moira, you just have such an eye for beauty.

Emma x

Anonymous said...

I have not visited this place when I went to Dublin, this is really beautiful

Junaluska said...

Ahh it looks gorgeous! I wish I could live there.

canvasofculture said...

wow, what a beautiful blog! this location is straight out of a dream:)love the little details like that blue chair!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks gorgeous! Great photos :)

Louise said...

That place looks so incredible! Your photos are amazing, it's a bit magical and fairytale-like. I think I should visit this place when I get the chance to go to Dublin again!

CĂ©lestine Causette said...

Superbe! Tu deviens vraiment un as en photo, bravo!

moira said...

@Charlie Bones: its very true, its good to be reminded that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Thank you for your comment, have a lovely week x

@Magda: seeing you was the cherry on top of the cheesecake ;) thanks again for the lovely evening xx

@Susy: Thank you! x

@fluff and fripperies: it is! can't wait to go back. Do you know any other place like it that you'd recommend? x

@Nancy Wilde: you're extremely kind <3 thank you so much x

@Emma: i'm the same, i always put off visiting places for the longest time then i wonder why! And yes avoca is dangerous for the purse :D thank you, it really touches me xx

@Ella: hopefully there'll be another time ;) how long did you stay here? x

@Bridget: it would be quite something to wake up to that view! x

@canvasofculture: it is hard to imagine that people used to live there. Thank you! x

@picadaisy: thanks a lot! x

@Louise: hope you will, it's only about 45 min out of dublin. Thank you for your comment x

@CĂ©lestine: l'endroit y est pour bcp, t es indulgente <3 xx

Unknown said...

Such a beutifil pictures! Nice place!
Wanna follow each others blogs on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!
Kisses, Gabi

The Braided Bandit said...

This place looks magical! I love the soft light, beautiful pictures! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and good luck with your clean eating as well!
Have a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

Unknown said...

wow! love these photos! love the whole of them! which camera do you use? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lovely part of Ireland - I might suggest that my parents take a trip to visit it :) Such beautiful pictures x

moira said...

@the braided bandit: thank you, you too x

@just don't tell anyone: a canon 550d with the 50mm 1.8 lense. Thank you so much! x

@Victoria: i'd recommend it! x

Anonymous said...

ooh, such a pretty place!

these pictures have the best tones.

little henry lee said...

oh wow, what a beautiful place! the gold tipped gates definitely did remind me of versailles, and those big pegasus statues in front of the fountain are so gorgeous! you're so lucky to live near such beautiful historical places.

little henry lee

moira said...

@grace: thank you! the light in ireland can get pretty weird x

@little henry lee: i need to explore more of them and stop being moany and bummed about living in dublin and generally make the most of it ;) x

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