Friday, April 19, 2013

looking for spring

As the temperatures have been warming up, I wanted to look around for signs that Spring is definitely here to stay. A few magnolias have bloomed in my neighbourhood and a single, sad cherry-blossom tree. The rest seem to have been burnt by the drastic changes of temperatures. They all look a bit sorry and bare.
I figured out that the best place to check is my favourite park. It's not the prettiest in Dublin, Stephen's Green probably holds that title, but come a kinder climate, I feel drawn to this little concrete pond surrounded by a comfortable lawn and shading trees. It's just unassuming and cosy, no need to bring your clothbound Joyce, any old paperback is welcome.
The sad thing is when I got there beginning of this week, the park was not quite ready for spring. I suppose maintenance had to be delayed due to our long winter, so the lawn was turned over and the trees and bushes were chopped and trimmed. The poor park was definitely not looking its best. But I guess giving a month or so and with a bit of a sunny push, it will be back in its old modest splendour.
Nonetheless, it felt good walking around seeing morsels of blue sky here and there and even being able to take off a layer or two. And I'm happy to report that Spring was definitely there as the daffodils were swaying in their brightest yellow, ducklings were happily waddling and pigeons were doing what pigeons do best: pestering on their female kind.
But I've seen the weather turn for the worse before so I don't count my chickens. I still remember the last Spring I spent in Belgium a few years ago. A killer frost took away a full-bloom Spring. It was just heart-breaking. Me and my dog had a long walk around the lake, in complete disbelief. Echoes of crying childless ducks were rippling over the icy water. I still can sometimes hear them howling their losses in my head. Yes, Nature or God, whatever you call it, can be incredibly cruel, but it can give the most beautiful gifts. So let's celebrate that and hope*. I'll end with this quote from the last book I finished: 
"I suppose the best kind of spring morning is the best weather God has to offer."  - Dodie Smith (I Capture the Castle)
* unnecessary heavy shit brought on by sunshine cravings.

10 comments: said...

Wow, I really love these pictures, spring is fantastic.. I'm sorry to hear that the park wasn't ready yet, but then again, it's pretty early yet and as far as I understand, the winter has been unusually long and cold in most places?

I just wish all the snow here would melt already. I know it's most likely going to take several months before it's all gone, but I'll just keep hoping. Worst case scenario I'll just grab the hairdryer and fix it myself ;)

What did you think of I Capture The Castle?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, they have such a nice feel to them :)

The weather has caused some issues with flowers and such here, some of them look so sad and barely had a chance to enjoy being blooming.

Have a great weekend!

Jane said...

Aww, ducklings are the cutest things, I love watching them with their parents! Hopefully the weather doesn't turn for the worst.

G. D. Kaisha said...

wow your photos are amazing <3

riotous lolita

Emma said...

Beautiful photos Moira, it's been so nice having some sun shining this week (as well as horrendous winds) I do really love Stephen's Green but when it's too packed during the warmer months I prefer Iveagh Gardens and Dublin Castle. Let's hope it warms up some more this week!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Emma x

moira said...

@anny: is it still snowing where you live? jeez, i think i would go mental and start cursing at the sky O.o
I liked I Capture the Castle but I think I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it as a teenager. I'm still gathering my thoughts about it but the review should be up soon :) x

@stephanie lula: let's hope that late bloomers like roses and peonies will make up for it later this year! x

@jane: they're so fluffy! why do they have to grow up?! :D x

@riotouslolita: thank you <3 x

@judith: muchas gracias! x

@emma: i came to the conclusion that the only way to get a blue sky in ireland is to deal with furious gales :D i love the iveagh gardens too, they're so underrated! did you know there was a terrace on top of the library at the dublin castle? need to check it asap x

Amelia said...

Ducklings are so cute!

It's nice to have a whiff of spring in Europe. I couldn't deal with the snow anymore.

Charlie Bones said...

Very lovely pictures !
I know right, it's so sad ! I'm not entirely sure yet, I'm going as an au pair as soon as possible, I hope to find something neer London or Manchester cause I have friends who live there. And then after that if I still love England as much as I do now I might try and find an appartment there. Scottland looks marvelous as well ! I'm not quite sure where I want to live yet haha..

Have a great day !
Charlie xx

little henry lee said...

i'm so sad it's getting colder over here, i'm 100% a summer person and i hate cold weather so knowing it's going to be months and months until it's spring again makes me so sad. :( lucky you that it's warming up though, hopefully it stays warm and you don't have another cold snap!

little henry lee

moira said...

@amelia: happy spring! and thank you for your comment xx

@charlie bones: i agree with you, the united kingdom has so many lovely places. i havent been to a place that disappointed me so, but i might be biased haha. good luck, i hope you'll get to achieve your dream very soon xx

@little henry lee: i get super sad too when the colder climate comes around. now i live in ireland, i understand the people who have sunny holidays during winter months. isnt there a warmer place near you where you could go for a little trip? xx

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