Friday, March 15, 2013

keeping in touch

As Google Reader is going to shut down this summer, I thought it would be a good time to do a round-up of all the places you can find me online, whether to follow this blog, or to read some extra ramblings. So here we go:


Bloglovin is actually my favourite way of following blogs. The lay-out is simple and white, and it allows you to organise your favourite blogs in little categories. I have nearly 300 blogs in my feed, so I really need the organisation. Personally, I like to divide the blogs I read geographically like 'UK', 'US', 'Scandinavia', etc... but I also have topical categories like 'Beauty', 'Photography' or 'Streetstyle'.
Once you read the post, it is marked as read in your feed and if you liked that post you can heart it as a way to bookmark it. Anyways, you can follow me here!

PS: bloglovin has posted a tutorial that shows how to import your feeds from google reader to bloglovin. Click here to read.


Hellocotton is a platform for female bloggers. Everyday of the week, the HC team picks the best posts in different categories like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, weddings, diy, etc... a bit like an online magazine! HC is a great way to discover new blogs to read and connect with. Also, the prospect of being featured in the headlines is quite exciting! You can check my Hellocotton profile here!

[edit 30/03/2013: unfortunately Hellocotton is closing down, the format was really fun and, as far as I'm aware, there is no similar platform around. Maybe as an alternative, I'd recommend Feedly as it's become quite popular recently. Get it here.]


I was really late to jump on the twitter band-wagon, I only started a few months back, but I've been enjoying this social medium much more than I had anticipated. If you follow me there, you can expect tweets about my most recent posts (handy if you don't want to bother with a reader), random pictures of manicures, of books I'm reading, etc... and other ramblings. Tweet me here!


Tumblr is great for its continuous flux of inspiration. I love scrolling through it on my phone when I'm drowsy, about to fall asleep. I don't tumblr as much as I used to do since I got pinterest, but I still like to reblog pictures that strike my fancy. You'll mostly find on my tumblr: Sixties girls, succulents, Ghibli gifs, Alexa Chung, Twin Peaksy stuff and of course my blog's new posts. Do you like the sound of it? Follow me here then!


Pinterest is brilliant! It's so easy to use, if you like something that you see, pin it and there it is, saved online! You can create files to organise your inspiration, so handy to find pictures you've been thinking about and you could also get creative and make moodboards. I made some on the  themes of summer, travelling, love, home decor, etc... Pin with me here!

PS: I just created a board for the sole purpose of my blog's updates, you can follow it here if you just want to keep up with the blog and not get any of my other pinnings.

By Email

If you're not a fan of all this online nonsense, you can follow me in a more traditional way by e-mail. All you have to do is enter your address in the little box, submit, and all my new posts will get straight into your mailbox, as if by magic!


Junaluska said...

Uh oh what does that mean for Blogger? Your Pinterest looks beautiful though, I love the photo of that girl putting on lipstick.

moira said...

hey if you mean will you still be able to blog with blogger, the answer is yes. If you're worried about the 'reading list' on your dashboard, as far as i understood you should be ok with the blogs that you follow with GFC but you might lose other blogs (like wordpress ones for instance). It looks like google is trying to use google + as its main platform so GFC, the blogger dashboard's reading list, etc might be on their way to extinction... Let's see! thanks for your comment x

Extra Solar said...

I'm still not using Twitter. I have one, and I think about it from time to time, but I'm really dragging my feet about it.

moira said...

i was in the same boat last year, kept a private account for the longest time without tweeting anything. One day i forced myself and got really into it, its a pretty cool way to interact with people and provides an easy access to your blog for your followers who are 'on the go' x

Emma said...

Thanks for all these links Moira! I'm following you by email, bloglovin' and on tumblr. I've yet to venture into the twitter world! I'm actually looking forward to using blogliovin' again, I haven't used it for the longest time!

emma x

little henry lee said...

it's such a shame they're getting rid of GFG and google reader because so many blogger use both! but i guess we have to all swap over to bloglovin now. i'm in the process of moving everything over there at the moment and to be honest i already think it's probably a much better reader, haha. i just don't like being forced to change!

and in response to your comment, the carl sagan 7" is SO WONDERFUL! that's so great to hear that you and your boyfriend have it and love it as much as me! :) & ohhh i love the new bad seeds album SO MUCH. my next blog post is going to be about my nick cave week that i had recently where i saw them play 4 times and he played the whole new album every night so it's already got this huge sentimental meaning for me, haha. higgs boson blues, push the sky away and jubilee street are my three favourites, in that order. definitely get the full album, i can't recommend it enough! :)


moira said...

@Emma: Oh is e-mail your way of following blogs by default ? How do you find it? I think I would be overwhelmed and never open my mailbox anymore haha. You should totally come on twitter! Thank you for the multi-support! xx

@littlehenrylee: I know what you mean, i also hate changes! But yeah I agree bloglovin is a superior reader.
4 times in a week?! jeez! i'm very much looking forward to reading your account! will check higgs boson blues now if i can find it (thats weird i was just trying to understand the meaning of higgs boson yesterday... i quickly gave up trying haha!)

livlovelaugh said...

Ah, i like these links!


A Certain Vintage said...

ooh I didn't know this... I wonder if Google Followers gets overly effected?! I keep forgetting about my bloglovin' but have all sorts of buttons now to try and get twitter and pinterest followers! I don't think I can manage anymore platforms at the minute though!
happy to have found your blog - it's lovely :) x

moira said...

I shouldn't think so, at least not at the moment. The future of all those google services should be clearer in July. I know, 'social media' overload right? The one I really don't want to deal with is facebook! Anyways, thank you for your lovely comment x

Anny said...

Ouch, look what you did, you made me want to get a twitter again! ....gnnn. Kinda want to.

moira said...

@Anny: ah go on! ;) x

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