Friday, December 7, 2012


I spent last week-end in Blessington, a town slightly out of Dublin. The occasion was a friend's birthday She rented a little house in a resort bordering a lake and plotted a series of equally fun and corny activities like horseshoes pitching, wheelbarrow races, rifle shooting and archery.
I was a bit worried at first, but I had a great time goofing around with my favourite people in a truly beautiful place. The house was so cozy, and a great refuge against the freezing nights we had over the weekend. We spent loads of time next to the fire chatting and watching tv (good ole Father Ted and a cheesy eighties Christmas film called Scrooged with Bill Murray that put me in such a festive mood), eating too many sachets of dried cheese+broccoli pasta, and American candy.
I did a copious amount of reading (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) in bed as it was like internet rehab. I may also have spent hours pretending I'm a Seventies housewife sitting at the vanity putting make-up on (I never had one of those, please don't judge me).

Obviously if there are animals around you can trust me to pester on them with my pesky camera... I just can't help it.


Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Beautiful pictures! Also, Scrooged is one of my all time favorite holiday movies! It's so good!


moira said...

Thanks! I am surprised i never seen it before being an 80s baby and a massive bill murray fan, it is really good! x

Ron McQuade said...

Sounds like great fun, hope it wasn't too cold, the chickens look very cold. Also father Ted is always appropriate television. Mu flatmates and I had my lovely horse on high repeat for all of November.

moira said...

oh poor things, how can you tell? it was very cold actually. I really felt bad for the goat cos he had no one to snuggle to and no shelter.
haha, i haven't listened to that song in ages, i have to do that now! x

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