Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy autumn!

Here are the little somethings that I will love this autumn:

Something pretty 

L-R: Leighton Denny in Supermodel, Dior in 257 Incognito, Chanel in 559 Frenzy, Topshop in Rainy Day, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 330 Grey Area, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 48 Mocha Mix and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 660 Pat on the Black

At the start of a season, I love picking the nail polishes from my collection that I'm going to wear (not that I always stick to it) and I'm especially excited by all these amazing neutral colours.

Something to watch

I've been infatuated with Diana Vreeland la magnifique for quite a while now.  It all started when I read Edie Sedgwick's biography. The ex-Vogue editor was the one who saw her potential and organised a feature about her in the magazine. I remember my curiousity being piqued by this seemingly visionnary woman. But I really became obsessed while reading Cecil Beaton's diary. Cecil and her had a profound friendship and I was always happy to see her name popping up on the pages because she had the most flamboyant behaviour and that made for an exciting read. Claire (from the blog Lola is Beauty)'s rubric Ask D.V. definitely sealed my love for this woman. I got my hand on her biography, D.V., and delighted in her witticisms and style. You can imagine how happy I was when I discovered that this month, a biopic on Mrs. Vreeland got released. I realised while watching the trailer that I had never heard her voice but it sounds precisely how I imagined it in my head. In Dublin, The Eye Has To Travel is being shown at the Lighthouse Cinema until the 4th of October 2012.

(image source)

Something to drink 

Autumn is especially exciting when it comes to tea because it means my local shop is now going to stock Christmas tea again.
I'll have it with loads of milk and 3 spoonful of sugar please!

Something to listen to

This month, Patrick wolf is releasing a compilation for his tenth anniversary in music years. He chose 16 songs from all his creations that he re-recorded and re-arranged for this special double album. He wanted to get to the core of the songs and took the parti-pris to use 3 instruments maximum. The first extract is Overture (from the album The Magic Position) which is one of my favourite songs of his. Favourite song periodIt's painfully beautiful, listen.

Something to remember

The new season of Downton Abbey is on ITV at 9pm every Sunday!


Something creative

Nothing screams autumn more than stitching. At least to me. I am sure I could stitch faster and better if I had a fireplace, a rocking chair and a cat.

Something to eat

Let's put it plainly, I can't cook but when the colder months come, one of my great passions is to make and eat soup. My favourite ones are either pumpkin or courgette+broccoli. But a tomato soup is quite lovely too. 

Something to read

Well I enjoy reading all year round really but doing so buried under duvets in bed and with the electric blanket on when it's chilly outside is otherwordly. I set myself the goal to read 5 more books by the end of 2012, here are the ones I picked: Breakfast at Tiffany's (Truman Capote), Gribiche (Colette), Life of Pi (Yann Martel), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers) and Wise Children (Angela Carter).

Something to visit

An exhibition about the whimsical (fashion) photographer Tim Walker opens its doors in London from the 18th of October to the 27th of January. A collection of Walker's photographs will be shown as well as giant props he used for fashion shoots (among them, the one in the above picture, if I'm not mistaken). It will also be occasion for Tim Walker to share with visitors, films that inspired his famous vision (The Red Shoes, La Belle et La Bête or A Matter of Life and Death) and his own short movie, The Lost Explorer.
More information here, free admission.

Something to keep me entertained

still from The Red Shoes (1948)

I love making lists of old films to watch when the nights get longer and colder (so I'm not sheepishly tempted to watch some crap on TV). I recently watched The Red Shoes and A Matter of Life And Death (inspired by Tim Walker's upcoming exhibition) and realised that on Youtube, you can watch films that have fallen into public domain. Pretty awesome I think.
Next on my list are Badlands, Metropolis and Paris, Texas.

Something to wear

Crew-neck jumpers are one of my favourite things to wear. Unfortunately, good ones are hard to come by, may it be because of their knit (they might loosen quickly), their shape or their colour.

Benetton, Topshop and Cos

Something cheeky

I always forget my gloves so I can dig my hands in his coat pocket.


Thirsty World said...

I'm digging those nail polish colors, I'm kinda obsessed with grey this year and those muted tones are kinda awesome! I don't think I can follow you with GFC so I'm your newest bloglovin follower! Can't wait to read more!


moira said...

aw thanks and welcome! i think you can follow with gfc if you prefer via the rss button under my profile but i'm not too sure as technology is not my forte :D xx

Anonymous said...

Love all the nail polishes! Gorgeous colours. So natural and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy autumn, I am just starting spring!

Lovely blog! xx

A said...

So much goodness and yay for Downton!

moira said...

@little mae: lucky you! happy spring! xx

@Madeline: yay indeed! xx

Jessie said...

HAPPY AUTUMN! Too bad no autumn here :(
Such a lovely list!

Shall we follow each other?
Jessie xx

moira said...

thanks! sure, why not! xx

Extra Solar said...

Love all the Moomin things you have!! I lived in Finland for 3 months, where I first discovered the Moomin series, and I've been in love ever since.

moira said...

they're such endearing creatures, aren't they :) did you get to go to the theme park in finland? x

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