Thursday, September 20, 2012

autumn make up

source: karen walker s/s2013 hair & make-up by whowhatwear - lisa eldridge (screenshot taken from her video) - barry m in 52 shocking pink - dior addict extreme in 476 plaza - orla kiely s/s2013 via vogue

While everybody is talking about plum and berry lips, I seem to be stuck with a summer trend. It started with this video of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge adorning a bright pink lipstick with a minimal eye make-up. I haven't been able to take that look off my mind. My mum even got me the lipstick she wore, the dior one (oh la la) but with those terribly frustrating skin tone variations, it doesn't look quite right on me (I'm mostly just frustrated that I am not mademoiselle Eldridge). 
My love for this combination has been recently reinforced with the recent s/s2013 collections, notably Orla Kiely and Karen Walker (those two steal my heart e-ver-y season). The fact that these designers tend to use mostly neutral colours totally help me envisionning this trend for the autumn climate. At Karen Walker, they used a mix of the Clinique chubby sticks and eyeshadows, chaging the tone of the pink according to the models (read about it here). 
I don't know what they used for the Orla Kiely shoot but it instantly reminded me of this Barry M lipstick that has been on my radar thanks to my favourite enabler (yes, her again). It leans more on the magenta than on the pink so it looks quite scary for me but for a couple of pounds, I'll take the challenge.

source: the white pepper autumn collection - kiko mizuhara for maquia magazine sep 2012


Aya Smith said...

GAH! Kiko is so utterly gorgeous. She makes me want to cover my face with a paper bag!

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

moira said...

haha i know what you mean but you surely don't need one! xx

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