Sunday, June 10, 2012


It would seem honest of me to say that I complain a lot. To others, it would merely qualify as an understatement. One of my favourite topics for wallowing is the absence of pets in my life. I am not the most responsible person but I realise that taking an animal under my wing right now wouldn't be fair on them as I have no clue as to what tomorrow may bring.
It so happened that recently this ole grievance of mine has decreased in volume as two wood pigeons have built a nest somewhere in the surrounding gardens and seem to have taken a liking to the palm tree just in front of our flat window. They've had the same routine every day without fail. The male would come in the morning to soak in the sun for a while before flying around to find twigs for the nest, and from time to time stopping by our tree on his way back. At dusk, both female and male would come snuggle as the sun sets, grooming or feeding one another. They're so damn cute, they make me go all fluttery.

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