Wednesday, January 4, 2012

french girls

claude.lazar - armor lux breton top - lea seydoux by into the gloss - max factor lash extension waterproof - topshop felt pen - maybelline coral fire 440 lispstick - cupcakes and cashmere - asos chelsea boots - bonjour tristesse by francoise sagan - a-line leather skirt -h&m midnight passion polish - falke tights

I was really into the catwalk look of red lips and no eye make up (margaret howell <3) but somehow forgot about it amidst the gazillion beauty blogs that constitute my daily read. I feel like going back to a low maintenance, key to the elusive charme à la française. Red red lips and the thinnest eye lines. I think it's the buzz around Mathilde Warnier that got me back in the mood. I may have reached a new degree of frenchness no later than this new year's eve when i wore a breton shirt and a leather mini on top of opaque tights and chelsea boots. My hair were obviously messy on the verge of dirty. The collage actually features stuff I use. I really dig the Max Factor Lash Extension Waterproof, it is very good for the days when you can't be fucked about make up. Brush it through your lashes, it sculpts them and make you feel a little put together. On the other hand, I am not sure I'd recommend the felt pen by Topshop, it spreads its ink very irregularly and if you want to correct, it simply erases the line you've just drawn. I don't like things to go to waste so I'm trying to make the most of it. I feel this post is suddenly very apt within my current surroundings as I am just trying out my Christmas present for the first time, a bread machine and my flat starts to smell like Paris at 5 am.

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