Friday, August 26, 2011

glimpses of autumn

Sigh. Autumn is already at our doors and I still feel like I'm waiting for summer to show up. I don't know who's the p***k who said it would be the hottest summer in Ireland but I'd like to introduce him to my two crooked fingers... Ooh the vulgarity... Ooh the anger... I am actually angry at being angry for something as superficial as the weather but I seriously need to get the f*** out of here. I'm turning into one of those people who write about the weather... moving on quietly but surely please... Recently, whether I want it or not some autumnal elements have made their way in my head and even though I'm well unable to depict a trend for the coming season I find myself inspired by the A/W 2011 Miu Miu collection : the forties hairstyle, the silky Asian fabric covered with floral shadow prints.
The other thing I'm craving for is 'black patent'... black patent everything really, well not that I want to turn into "The Gimp" but let's start with shoes and bags first.
That's pretty much it. It's very little to cling on and not so much of a style direction I guess and I'm not even sure the two combine very well but that's a start...

I added a few bits and bobs to this collage that have been inspiring me lately and they might well have an influence on the way I dress this autumn, like the colour combination of peach, leopard and camel/coffee or this anna karina-esque chignon.
Also, I've been quite bored with my make-up lately so there's no surprise that my radar has been particularly drawn to stuff like the new french (check that video from Lisa Eldridge... and her whole website while you're at it), thick eyelines seen on D&G RTW AW11 models (I bought this glittery anthracite eyeliner to try it out, maybe I'll dare something more colourful further in the season) and I'm curious about the sixties socket line. It seems like the kind of idea that works in picture but could turn into drag-queen-esque disaster IRL. Here's a challenge!

source : whistles
Brand-wise, I have been obsessing on Whistles (the a-line dresses and skirts, the pleated midis and this fedora hat). And I couldn't do a post about autumn 2011 without mentioning the last Orla Kiely collection. Every single piece of clothing is a dream.

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