Saturday, December 18, 2010

le ciné-club de Noël

After the mandatory christmas wishlist, here comes the christmas film club... or how am I going to keep busy while avoiding this $#!* snow (which does not stop the local organ player from roaming the streets with his fake monkey... are we really in the 21st century?? This is too surreal).
Anyways let's go back to my wintery film needs. What I want during this festive period is films with kids! Those listed below are probably not very christmassy but they sure have a few little blonde heads.

This is an adaptation from Edith Nesbit's book. In Edwardian England, three kids move to a Yorkshire village near a railway station with their mum after their dad vanishes. Their new life revolves around the train timetable and with the help of their new friends in the village, they try to solve the mistery of their dad's disappearance. I couldn't find a trailer on youtube unfortunately but *cough*the whole film is there*cough*

Harold and Maude (Hal Ashby, 1971) - trailer
This film tells us about this curious friendship between an old lady full of life and a young boy obsessed with death. You couldn't get a more cliché synopsis but hey that's basically what the film is about.

Anne of Green Gables (Kevin Sullivan, 1985) - trailer

Here's another adaptation of an early 20th century novel, this one written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Throughout the series, you will discover the adventures of Anne Shirley adopted by a brother and a sister who need an extra pair of hands in their Canadian farm.
This movie is probably as famous as the book (by Harper Lee) it is based on. Gregory Peck (whose smooth voice should be recorded on CDs and sold instead of whining whales for relaxation purpose) plays Atticus Finch, a wise lawyer who is going to cause a scandal in a 1930s town in the Deep South when he decides to defend a black man accused of rape.

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