Tuesday, November 2, 2010

earworm #2 : Patrick Wolf - Time of My Life

shirt, polease!

It's more of an anticipated earworm than a proper one (all I have right now is a dodgy youtube video) but tonight... Patrick Wolf's new single Time of My Life will get its first air time on the Nick Grimshaw's show (10pm-midnight) on BBC Radio 1.
It will be the first song from his 5th album. Originally, the album was supposed to be called The Conqueror and with the previous album, The Bachelor, be a part of the double-cd called Battle. But it seems like young Patrick sees things differently today. Whereas a few years ago, he was going through hard times and was taking interest in politics, it looks like the love relationship he is involved with today has lifted up his feelings.
Mr. Wolf has said about the new single : "Time Of My Life’ is a song that I began writing at the end of a relationship in 2006 and then finished three years later during a temporary break up in my current relationship. The new album has a direct narrative about love and optimism surviving through adversity and recession. I wanted to celebrate the love and hope I have found in the last few years.”

Patrick Wolf is probably the only contemporary artist for whom I have a bit (ahem) of a groupie feeling. I could forgive him anything (almost). He could say (has said) twatty things or look (has looked) like a complete gherkin (*cough*damaris video*cough*), it doesn't rip my fan-love one jot . I have seen him live 4 times so far and I am planning to go to one of his UK warm-up shows in early December :
- 5th December – Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
- 6th December – Guildford Boileroom
- 7th December – London Bloomsbury Ballroom
The release of the single Time of My life is due in December this year (with a cover of Leonard Cohen's Anthem as a B-side). For the album (In The City??), we will have to wait for May 2011 (I might have read somewhere that it could be available in mp3 format in March).
I will probably post more about this album when the information comes by. So far, Wolf has tweeted about a song called Armistice being mixed for the album and I hope, with all my limbs crossed, that this piece of disco genius will make the cut as well.

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