Sunday, August 29, 2010

my fall 2010

Okay, here comes the time to get excited (or at least convince oneself) about Autumn. I am sure having a hard time letting the summer go (or the half-arsed Irish summer in that case). So I need a bit of self-motivation... So here's a lame MS Paint collage about what could be good about this Autumn 2010. I will try to do specific posts about what is featured in this collage in the next few days. It will be a bit like my personal Advent Calendar *forced grin*.

(credits : Clemence Poesy, Dominic West, Yarn Over Movement, Celine Bag, Kurt Geiger Boots, Alexa Chung For Madewell, Topshop Suede Heels, Topshop Leopard coat, Turban, Alix by Vanessa Jackman, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Katherine Hepburn, the girl from hk, ldn & sf, Bodyshop)

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