Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lover Revisited

My summer heroes this year are Jane March in The Lover and Anthony Andrews in Brideshead Revisited (TV). All I want this summer is to bury myself in creamy neutral flowy clothes. A long tank dress, winged brogues, silk socks and a straw hat... that's going to be my summer uniform. I will be the undesired kid of Sebastian Flyte and The Girl. Oh yes.

Brideshead Revisited (TV) has such an extroardinary neutral palette. It was very difficulty for me to focus on Sebastian Flyte for this post (although he is incredibly charming I must say). This show deserves a whole post to itself, it's just perfection. I might do that in the future.
Anyways... Don't you think that the models in the summer 2010 collection of Twenty Seven Names could be little Flytes as well?

Found on blog So Much To Tell You

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