Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lipstick for the girls (oh oh)

22 days later and I'm still thinking about lipstick... there's something quite tiring about being a girl sometimes...

Left : Natalie from Canned Fashion (© Park & Cube)
Right : Loulou Androlia, designer of Loulou Loves You (
© Mademoiselle Robot)
I'm so totally in love with this colour, it makes their skin looks like a dewy rose. Is it coral? Peach? I'm really not too sure but I will certainly give it a go now I've gone through the lipstick baptism. Following my last post, I did go and buy some lipstick (I didn't throw away my make up bag though). Believe it or not, it was the first time in my life that I wore some (gloss does not count). I guess it comes from the fact that I was a teenager in the nineties and my (our) ideal back then was the natural girl in jeans and white t-shirt. Lipstick was somewhat synonymous of an o.t.t. single mother stuck in the eighties who refuses to grow old (well to me anyway, as this archetype was my mom's best friend).
Also I hate my mouth, so I really felt nervous when I went out with it but I didn't get any stones thrown at me, which is always a good thing I guess.
I'm afraid that in view of the level of this blog, you should be prepared to read more on my 'Lipstick Diaries' soon... Oh dear... Well, at least let's hope that they will feature one of those beauties :


Anonymous said...

My colour is actually NARS Jungle Red (my absolute favourite and the only colour I wear) I think it's the video wash made the colour seem different, but good luck on your lipstick quest!
Loulou xo

earworm said...

ooh thanks for stopping by and for the info! i can see what you mean about the video thingy now I see pictures from your blog. It's one damn sexy rouge tho! I will keep my eyes peeled for it, thanks againxx

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