Saturday, May 29, 2010

under the knee

It's probably because I've watched too much Mad Men but I crave for longer skirts/dresses this summer. And by 'longer', I don't mean that I am excited about this current 'maxi dress' trend. I must say it's one of those that I don't understand. It's a tad too theatrical for me. Although I will probably end up contradicting myself by embracing the trend sooner or later like the pathetic fashion sheep I am. But yeah at this time precisely, it just seems like something good enough to wear after a beach day...
Anyways, what I really crave for is something that Grace Kelly would wear. A full skirt with an under the knee or maybe mid-calf length.
A few months back, I bought this long black dress with a red anchor on the chest in a charity shop. The length is just perfect and the jersey fabric makes it so easy to wear. After feeling somewhat a bit self-conscious the first few times I wore it, it really encouraged me to look for more garments of this particular length.
And although I hate to admit it, it probably suits way more my body shape than shorter lengths. I've always known I didn't have the legs to pull it off but I guess I needed to experiment after living under stricter rules.
With that being said, I'm not ready to totally give up shorter lengths. This outfit makes me just swoon.
But for now, here's a sample of those long-silhouetted ladies who inspire me :

Betty Draper in Mad Men

Grace Kelly in Rear Window
Susan Eldridge photographed by Enrique Badulescufor Vogue Germany
Alexa Chung


Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

** Please click on pictures to get to the source.

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