Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finds #1 : Blackrock + Capel Street

I have recently told you about my new passion for thrifting in one of my last posts. Well, last Saturday, for Valentine's day, we went to Blackrock Market* (in the seaside suburbia of Dublin). It's like the cutest flea market you will ever find. It's almost hidden, paradoxically in the middle of the town. The market is located inside a sort of courtyard where sellers expose their things in little premises or on stands. And loads of stuff you can find in Blackrock : books, prints, paintings, Buddhist artwork, hardware, antiques, ... there's even a little cafe if you happen to be hungry while browsing.
Anyways... I got really lucky last week-end. The lovely sir who takes care of the sheltered bric-a-brac at the end of the market gave me those for a fiver. I was so happy.

Anton PIECK - Circus-Variete Robinson

James POLLARD - The Mail Coach In A Thunder Storm On Newmarket Heath
(engraved by G. Reeves)

a frame (I need loads of them for all the Moomins postcards we brought from Scandinavia)

An Asian-like print with a white peacock

Later on, we went in Dublin city centre, and I obviously had to go to Capel Street where there are quite a few charity shops. I found that :

it says at the back the name of the flowers (which I couldn't read) and when they were framed, that is 1995. I love especially the frame, and it was only 1,90€.

I did some research about the two first prints, besides it being really enjoyable to get to know the two artists, it might be worth a few quids. Not too sure, I am not a specialist but they are certainly worth more than what I paid for.
So thank you mister seller and above all... thank you mister boyfriend for this lovely day!

* Saturdays 11.00 -- 5.30 pm / Sundays 12.00 noon -- 5.30 pm
Bank Holidays Mondays 11.00 -- 5.30 pm

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