Saturday, March 1, 2008

Concert Review #1 : Babyshambles, Brussels, 20-02-2008 (photos, videos and bootleg)

Last week, I went to see one of my favourite bands : Babyshambles. I got rather excited during the previous weeks, although you can't never get too excited when it comes to Lord Doherty, he's not the reliable kind if you allow me this affront... But I think it would be fairer to specify that he made an incredible effort on that aspect during the last tour. He graced with his presence every single concert date if my memory serves me well... after delaying some due to some illness. Why am I writing this? I don't really know, I suppose it's to depict what kind of state I was before that concert. It was like a grin but with a muzzle.
But when the day came, I wasn't in the mood anymore... That may be one explanation to why I was left at the end of the concert, rather indifferent. But isn't the concerts purpose to make you forget all the small trivialities of life? Well, that's how I see things in my little fantasy world. The other explanation then would be that Babyshambles lost their magic? (I know so unfair of me to draw that conclusion after one performance, stone me). Don't get me wrong, it was a good concert. They played well, very well indeed. Compared to the last time I saw them, in May 2006 (Nuits Botaniques), there has been a huge improvement. And that is, of course, a euphemism. Back then, the guitarist Patrick Walden had just left Babyshambles and it was a rather wobbly three-member band that I saw that electric spring night. But Lord, I had so much more fun, to put it plainly.
Mik Whitnall has now replaced Patrick Walden. He had a considerable input in Babyshambles music. I think it would be safe to say that he's responsible for the ska direction the band took on several songs (I Wish, Stone Me What I Life) and that if it weren't for him, the Bumfest Demos wouldn't have probably seen daylight. And while I'm at it (it being the Mik praise), he did a marvellous job during the concert last week. And so did Pete, Drew (bass) and Adam (drums). But it lacked of something. Passion? I don't know it's a big soppy word. All I know is it was professional and cold. Pedantic at times. And it didn't suit them. I'm so sorry to write this to be honest.
On the bus going home, I heard several young kids saying on their phone that it was the best concert/night of their life. This made me think that I may have missed something... Or that I may be too old for the shambles wagon.

Setlist :

Carry On Up The Morning
Beg, Steal And Borrow
Baddies Boogie
The Blinding
Side of The Road
Back From The Dead
What Katie Did
You Talk
I Wish
Fuck Forever

[Bootleg] (merci Alice)

Here are some of the pictures and videos I took but honestly I wouldn't bother looking if you're after quality, you'd better look through flickr (photos) or youtube (videos).



Fuck Forever

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