Tuesday, December 11, 2012

editorial #16: Private Dancer (Vogue UK Apr 2010)

This editorial from Vogue UK is the one that got me into a spiralling magazine addiction. Quite late actually, as in Belgium, I always felt underwhelmed looking at the magazine racks, they all seemed to be about diets, relationship-tips, recipes or boring editorials. When I moved to Ireland, I discovered a whole new world on glossy paper. 
In this editorial, the fairy lights, the sort of chic downtown Mexican flat, the mint bathroom and the Miu Miu spring 2010 collection got my heart racing.
Like any addict, I've kept buying magazines to experience this feeling again, but nothing is ever the same as the first time.

Magazine: Vogue UK April 2010
Photograph: Javier Vallhonrat
Model: Guinevere Van Steenus

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