Monday, December 3, 2012

christmas wishlist 2012


Jane said...

I love the idea of the Q&A journal, I've seen it floating around the internet for a while. It would be so weird to track your thoughts everyday for five years though!

katkatikatie said...

gah, i love wes anderson movies so very much. they're great. i've also been wanting an instax camera, too! i miss the polaroid days.

i took a look around your blog, and you've got a new bloglovin' follower! :)

a sowing season.

moira said...

@jane: yes, i think you can easily change from one year to another, and it's scary, but it will be nice to actually keep track of it!

@katkatikatie: wes anderson is the best! i realised that i didnt have those in my collection which is weird cos ive watched them so many times. Thank you x

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