Friday, August 3, 2012

editorial #12: lady of the flowers (wish magazine 1)

Strictly speaking, not an editorial but the whole series for the Lady of the Flowers shoot, Wish Magazine (you can have a look at it here with the proper lay-out, click Wish Magazine in the list).
As soon as I saw the pictures on Searching For Tomorrow, I knew I had to share it here. I love everything about it: the dreamy quality, the gorgeous model, the clothes and the location, Kew Gardens which instantly became one of my favourite places on Earth that fateful day in March this year.
Plus, I've been a fan of Carrie from wishwishwish for a long time now and I am so thrilled for her new venture in the press world. 

Magazine: Wish Magazine 1 (you can buy it here)
Photographer: Kitty from Searching For Tomorrow
Model: Amy
Stylist: Carrie Harwood from wishwishwish

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